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How do we know what they know ?

We design a simple pre-assessment test using sample ISAT questions to understand
what each child already knows. Assessment plays a key role in unit design.

Our team wants to pay careful attention throughout to know how the students are learning. We look for students' skill sets and their ability to identify and find geometric concepts in the world around them using art and architectural images.

We use this pre-assessment to align our teaching practice. We discover that when we use different words such as "form" as an art term and "solid" as a math term, students are confused. We identify the need to use the same vocabulary to ensure comprehension in both math and art modalities, especially for secondlanguage learners in the classroom.

Kinesthetic Beginnings

We use our bodies to create "line segments" and "rays." We find shapes (polygons) in the "negative spaces" that our bodies create.

We notice the group dynamics are strained as we put a challenge to students in sets of six. We explain that as a group they have to create a "regular polygon" using all of the students and one piece of string.

The boys figure out that they don't have to use the whole piece of string and discover making a smaller shape is easier.
After the challenge, the students share their struggles and ideas with the class.

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