Laws of Movement

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ANALISE IS PERFORMING a movement of give and take, passing energy and movement to Diego, as well as demonstrating the connection between the science concepts and elements of emotional expression and balance in dance. She and Diego perform locomotor and non-locomotor movement. Diego seems focused, but not relaxed, while Vanessa is more comfortable moving. However, both are not ready to use eye contact.

OLGA REHEARSES her group’s movement sequence. She gives energy and demonstrates the concepts of give and take movement. She also plays with Newton’s Laws of Motion. Her partners use counterbalance and stationary
movement while she performs locomotor movement. She is enjoying the movement and is comfortable expressing the mood and science concepts through her body.

STUDENTS PERFORM AFTER DESIGNING and rehearsing a movement piece that incorporates elements of dance and Newton’s Laws of Motion. Through performance, they create collaboration in a community. They are now able to express the abstract concepts in science using a concrete visual tool, the body.

WE SEE AMAZING PROGRESS in the art form as well as a better grasping of both dance and physics concepts in the performance. Students now verbalize, visualize, and internalize the artistic process as well as the scientifi c laws. This unit also
fostered the creation of joy and concentration within a dense area of study.

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