Using Visualization to Embody Sentence Structure

Creative Element: Visual Expression and Embodiment 
Developed by: Classroom Teacher -- Jan Hebda 
Theater Artist - Sarah Rose Graber, Adventure Stage Chicago 
Task: Students embody building blocks of sentence structure and enact meaning. 
Grade: 1
The unit begins with simple tableau visualizations of noun, verb and adjective. Moving into sentence structure, The Human Sentence is developed with body positions for Capital and Lower Case letters, letter grouping as words, spaces between words and punctuation at the end of the sentence. Once students can easily improvise and synthesize a word sentence as a Human Sentence, they begin to focus on comprehension. A story about bears has one sentence per page, and they create tableaus in which they embody the characters, their actions and emotions. These are combined into a book. The teacher explained, "I think making the tableaus actually helped my students to understand that sentences are used to communicate." 

This video does not have an audio track, but some pages use video clips with an audio track for each clip only.