Emotion Expressed in Song, Dance and Music

Creative Element: Visual and Audio Expression 
Developed by: Music Teacher -- Nancy Chlumsky 
Dance Artist - Jess Graff, Professional Teaching Artist
Task: Emotion expressed as lyrics in song, movement in dance, and rhythm and melody in music
Grade: 4

In this unit a dance artist works with a music teacher to combine song, movement and music in a musical production of I've Got to Crowfrom Peter Pan. The unit begins with a name game, which students develop into a dance phrase based on the rhythm and movement of names in their group. Free movement is used to explore dance elements while the music teacher plays songs with different tempo and mood on the classroom keyboard. Students deepen their understanding of dance elements by observing and reflecting on musical productions of song in Annie. After studying the lyrics and music of I've Got to Crow, and visualizing movement, they divide into groups, and each group is responsible for developing movements for a phrase in the song. The next sessions are spent reviewing video of their previous phrase drafts, reflecting on revisions and edits, and rehearsing their phrases. After their final performance at the Spring Showcase, they reviewed their performance video; and watched another production of the same song from a professional production of Peter Pan. 

This video does not have an audio track, but some pages use video clips with an audio track for each clip only.