Envisioning a Story as a Play

Creative Element: Visual Expression 
Developed by: Classroom Teacher Technology - Sharon Pierscionek 
Theater Artist - Sarah Rose Graber, Adventure Stage Chicago
Task: Using a Director's Book with set design, costume and poster  

In a technology class, students go to the web site of the Chicago Historic Society and find stories about the Chicago World's Fair and the Chicago White Sox. They use tableau and other theater games to explore how the stories might be transmediated into a play. They each choose a part of a Director's Book they will be responsible for in their group. The parts are set design, costume and poster. The class travels to Adventure Stage Chicago and view a play. They make detailed notes about what they like about the play, what they learn from the experience about set design, costumes and posters. They also write about the theater elements they noticed during the play. To make the Director's Book, they use drawing programs and image searches on computers. When their Director's book is finished, the groups present to the class using an image projector. 

This video does not have an audio track. Some videos will use video clips with an audio track for each clip only. This unit includes examples of coding for student samples used to demonstrate one way of drawing out data embedded within natural text.