Dance Warm-Up

Activity to identify the body as the main tool of dance and to develop movements that are appropriate responses to words.

step 1

Stand in parallel (outer edge of the feet forming an 11). Imagine there is a string going from the ceiling through the center of your head, keeping your body in a straight line. Take a deep breath in and exhale as if blowing through a straw.

step 2

Bend the knees to bounce the body (relieving the body of tension).

step 3

Keep the body in a straight line, so the chin bounces up and down in the centerline of the body.

step 4

After two minutes of bouncing, stop with the knees bent. Slide right foot out to 2nd position (12”–24” in between each foot, toes pointing away from the body). Extend arms out with elbows bent and palms facing down, stay in this position for 30 seconds. Feel the energy in the body and under the palms of the hands.

step 5

Extend arms out to the side to sweep them down towards the floor.

step 6

Bend the knees (plié) to gather energy from the floor as if gathering feathers.

step 7

Imagine lifting the feathers up to the sky by raising arms and hands (in front of the body) while straightening legs until you are on the tips of the toes (relevé). Repeat this three times. Note: When the back curves to bend down toward the ground, this is a
contraction. As the body straightens it releases the contraction.

cool down

Bring feet together to a standing position. Bring palms together to the center of the chest. Take a few breaths.

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