A dance activity to implement safe practices required for the maintenance of a healthy body.

step 1

With feet in parallel, inhale as you circle arms up to the sky. Look at the hands as they meet each other above your head.

step 2

Exhale, hinging at the hips, pinwheel arms down to floor, reaching arms toward the ground while folding the torso forward. Bend the knees if you need to (1/2 Sun Salutation).


step 3

Inhale. Lift torso half way so it is parallel with the floor. Place hands on shins. Look down at toes (Monkey pose.)


step 4

Exhale. Fold torso forward. Place hands on floor and walk feet back to form a triangle with your body for downward facing dog yoga position.


step 5

Straighten arms by pressing through the knuckles and palms of your hands to push your sitting bones up to the sky. Take a few breaths.

step 7

Walk your feet to your hands.

Inhale, monkey pose.

Exhale, fold torso forward.

step 8

Inhale. Circle arms up to the sky. Gaze up to hands.

Exhale. Return arms to sides and look forward. Stand in parallel.


step 9

Shift weight onto left leg. Imagine your foot having roots that reach deep into the earth and your left leg and body as the trunk.

Pivot right foot so sole of the foot meets your left ankle. Move foot up next to shin or up to the side of thigh (do what is personally comfortable). Press thigh in towards your foot and your foot into thigh.

Bring palms of your hands together in front of your sternum. Gaze forward at a point in the horizon, completing “tree” yoga position.

Repeat on right leg.


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