Room and Voice Sounds

An introductory listening game that enhances student awareness to the sounds of our environment. These are exercises to turn on the ears and sharpen listening skills. They come from R. Murray Shafer.

step 1

Ask students to close their eyes and notice the sounds in the classroom.

step 2

Ask students to share what they hear and write the sounds on the board.

step 3

Now have students focus on the sounds in the building and write those on the board.

step 4

Next, have students keep their eyes closed while the teacher walks around the room speaking. Tell the students to follow the
voice by pointing toward where the sound is coming from. Walk around the room, talking or singing. Students try to follow your voice with their finger.

step 5

When you stop talking and walking, ask the students to open their eyes and check how close they are. Next, try with two voices.

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