Sound Circle

A music warm-up activity that explores sound making through voice. Objective: To encourage group participation, individual voice, listening and risk taking.

step 1

Explain that there are two rules for a sound circle: Students can 1) make any sound; or 2) repeat any sound they have heard. The sounds should come from the students, their voices, and their bodies. No instruments are used. This activity should be done as a group the first time through and then individually.

step 2

Ask students to close their eyes. After 10 seconds of silence, ask the students to make a sound that is comfortable for them to sustain for a while. No shouting or screaming.

step 3

See what happens. Observe changes in dynamics, tempo, mood, etc., to discuss later. You can end whenever you like.

step 4

Ask students what they heard. Did the sounds remind them of anything? If so, what? Why did the sound remind them of that? How did the sounds make them feel? Discuss.

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