Character Interview

This exercise helps students to think quickly and from a different perspective.

step 1

Explain that a volunteer will take on a character physically, vocally, and mentally. It can be a character from a story you learned in class, a historical figure, etc. Ask the student to walk to a chair at the front of the class in character and have a seat.

step 2

Welcome the character to the space and begin the interview. What is your name? Where are you from? What’s your favorite food?

step 3

The student answers the questions as that character and should have in mind all aspects of what his/her character would be like. For example, the student may like pizza but his character of Tom Sawyer might really like apple pie.

step 4

Invite the class to ask the character questions.

step 5

When the interview is over, thank the character for their time. The student leaves the space as that character.

step 6

As a class, discuss what was done well to make the character interview successful. Was there eye contact, honest character
responses, etc.?

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