First Person Stories

Through storytelling, students work on listening and public speaking skills. Students begin to internalize
character development.

step 1

Split students into pairs.

step 2

One student tells a story about a moment when something really great happened to them while the other listens.

step 3

The listener then asks clarifying questions to the storyteller. Roles are reversed and the listener tells their own story to their partner
and answers any clarifying questions.

step 4

The listener retells their partner’s story, but as though it happened to them. So instead of saying, “Julie’s 9th birthday was amazing,” the student would say, “My 9th birthday was amazing.”

step 5

One at a time they share their partner’s story with the class. It should appear believable as though the story really happened to them.

step 6

As a class, discuss what the storytellers did well in telling their partner’s story in first person (they remained in character the
whole time, used gestures, put emotion into their voice, etc.)

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