Kitty Wants a Corner

An energizing and safe activity that develops spatial awareness and increases students’ ability to create characters and work together as an ensemble.

step 1

Standing in a circle, one student, “Kitty” stands alone in the center. Kitty wants to get out of the center of the circle. K itty engages each student in the circle, one by one with eye contact and by stating, “Kitty wants a corner.” Each student replies, “Go see my neighbor.”

step 2

While Kitty moves around the circle, students behind Kitty’s line of vision try to switch spots. Students must switch spots by moving through the circle, not around. If Kitty sees an empty spot during a switch, Kitty tries to take it. Coaching Hints: Have students make eye contact and try to secretly change spots.


Kitty can ask different questions to create improvisation and new character ideas. For example, Kitty may say, “Please, I need to use your phone to call a friend,” or, “I really need to borrow some money.” This game helps create original characterization while playing.

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