Pass the Clap

This is a focusing activity that helps students build concentration skills and work together in an ensemble.

step 1

Standing in a circle, be sure students can see the person on their left and on their right. Begin “passing the clap” by asking one person to turn at their waist and clap (sending energy) together with the person on their left. The person receiving the clap “takes it” by clapping simultaneously with the person on their right, then continues the action by “giving the clap” to the person on their left.

Tip: In order to successfully receive and give a clap, students must make eye contact, stand with feet shoulder width apart and make the sound of a single clap.

step 2

When the clap goes all the way around the circle, repeat, this time trying to increase the speed. If the clap falls apart, start over.

step 3

Once students become comfortable passing the clap, randomly change the direction of the clap by shouting, “Reverse!” This requires two claps. When students exchange a clap, instead of turning to “pass” the clap, the students maintain eye contact and clap again. The student receiving the clap is passing it right back to the same student. This student then turns and reverses the rotation of the clap.

step 4

Encourage students to try passing the clap around the circle a few times, increasing speed and incorporating the reverse clap.

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