Shake Down

A great warm up to raise students’ energy level and ability to focus.

step 1

Standing in a circle, have students begin with their right arm in the air. Shake the right arm ten times. With each shake, count down with great energy from 10, saying a number with each shake (“ten, nine, eight seven six, five, four, three, two, one!”).

step 2

Repeat with left arm.

step 3

Now shake the legs one at a time while counting down.  Count each shake starting with the right leg.

step 4

Repeat with the left leg.  Next shake down from one to ten with the whole body.

step 5

Repeat shakedown but begin count from the next smallest number (“nine, eight, seven, six…” Or counting from odd numbers is quicker: “Nine, seven, five, three, one!” Continue shake down until count ends (“one (right arm), one (left arm), one (right leg), one (left leg), one (whole body”).

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