Carving and Modeling

Carving - Technique of cutting and abrading the surface of a block of material to shape it into particular form. Appropriate carving materials in schools include clay, chalk, plaster, soft salt blocks, artificial sandstone, bar soap, and wax.

Modeling - Technique in which a three-dimensional form is manipulated in a soft material such as clay, either modeling clay (Plasticine is a well-known brand) or ceramic clay, or wax.

step 1

Draw softly into clay with pencil.

step 2

Here there is an eye.

step 3

Use a flat sided carving tool to press at an angle along the drawn lines to create deep incisions without having excess clay.
This process will create a relief effect.

step 4

Use the back of a tool to dig a deeper hole for the pupil of the eye. (The deeper the incision the darker the line will appear.)

step 5

Continue to press down on the clay wherever you want the clay to recede.

step 6

Use the fork tool to create texture by dragging along surface of clay. Use a variety of tools to make desired impressions or designs.

Art Making

A variety of clay tools
Paper-covered working surface