Coil Pot

Using a piece of clay rolled like a rope to create pottery.

step 1

Lay long piece of clay on table and begin rolling with fingertips.

step 2

As you roll forward, spread fingers apart. Repeat this process until coil is ½” thick.

step 3

Roll coil up tightly.

step 4

Scratch (score) coil and rub water on coil as you roll to ensure strong connections. Scoring is an important step in allowing the clay to adhere itself.

step 5

Continue rolling coil into a disc shape until desired base size is complete. Press scored sides together, without squishing or misshaping your clay.

step 6

Use same coiling method to build walls of pot by rolling coils on top of each other until desired height.

step 7

Use plastic knife to smooth coils on outside of pot and create a smooth outter edge.

step 8

Use knife and fingers to smooth inside of pot.

Art Making

Plastic knife/fork
Paper-covered working surface