Curl Flip Book

A folded strip of paper containing two drawings that are slightly different to demonstrate the persistence of vision used in animation.


Step one

Fold 2” x 11” strip of paper in half widthwise.

step two

Lift top layer of folded paper and draw a circle in pencil on bottom layer close to the edge.

Step three

Trace circle in black marker.

step four

Place top layer back down and trace
circle in same location on top layer.

step five

Draw a facial expression in one circle.

step six

Draw a different expression in the
other circle.

step seven

Wrap top layer of paper tightly around pencil all the way up to the fold.

step eight

Loosen the rolled paper.

step nine

Quickly rub pencil back and forth over curled layer to see animation effect.

Art Making

2” x 11” strips of copy paper
Thin line black marker