Gesture Figure Drawing

Using observational skills to quickly sketch the basic internal structure of a posed human figure. Give students specific time limitations to complete a drawing.

step 1

Place the oval of the head high enough on the page so that the rest of the body will fit.

step 2

Draw the spine half way down the page (about three heads down).

step 3

Line up your pencil with the angles of the shoulders and hips.

step 4

Draw the shoulders in with a line wider than the oval and a line at the bottom of the spine for the hips slightly smaller than the shoulders. It creates a capital letter “I”

step 5

On the hip lines place small circles to indicate the hip joints and place small circles about a head and half down the page for knee joints. Check the location of the knees in the pose.

step 6

Connect the hips and the knees with a light line to create the thighs.

step 7

Draw small ovals another head and a half down for the feet and connect the knees to the feet to make the calves. Always check the location of the body parts in the pose.

step 8

Draw small circles on the shoulders and at about a head’s distance down from there draw a circle for the elbows and connect the shoulders to the elbows.

step 9

Draw small ovals for the hands (check where the hands are in relation to the body in the pose) and connect the elbows to the
hands with a line.

step 10

Connect the shoulders circles to the hip circles on both sides to fill in the girth of the torso.

Art Making

Figure to draw