Knee Pot

An activity using the knee as a slump mold (a form which is used to support wet clay in the early stages of construction)
to create a small sized pot.

step 1

Place a ball of clay between two strips
of wood and flatten somewhat with
your fist.

step 2

Flatten the clay with a rolling pin until
clay is a slab of even thickness.

step 3 - Optional



step 4

Put plastic wrap over a bent knee. Place
clay slab over knee and press clay down to
take shape around knee.

step 5

Slowly remove slab from knee.

step 6

Place clay right side up on table with
enough pressure to flatten the bottom
so it will have a base that is balanced

Art Making

Plastic wrap
Rolling pin
Plastic knife
Paper-covered working surface
Two even strips of wood of equal thickness (optional)
Stamps (optional)