Pinch Pot

A an activity that uses manipulation of clay with fingers in palm of hand to create a hollow shape. Pinch pots are a popular beginners project.

step 1

Make clay into a ball and insert thumb half way through and straighten other four fingers along the outside.

step 2

Press with equal pressure from the outside and the inside of the pot while slowly rotating the pot.

step 3

The hole will begin to get wider and walls will get thinner. Smooth cracks by rubbing with drops of water on your fingertip. This is a
basic pinch pot.

step 4

At base of pot, add rolled coil of clay so pot can have a steady base. Measure base of pot with a rolled coil piece of clay and cut.

step 5

Scratch surface of coil (score) with a spork or jaded caly carving tool. Scoring is a very important step in allowing clay to adhere to itself.

step 6

Rub water on scored clay. Water creates the "glue" that will adhere the scored sides of the clay together.

step 7

Scratch base of pot where coil will be attached.

step 8

Attach coil to circular base (scored side to score side) and use plastic knife to smooth connection between coil and base.

step 9

To add a handle, use a long rolled coil of clay and attach it at top (lip) of pot by scoring and dabbing with water.

step 10

Let coil drop down around two fingers.

step 11

Attach at bottom of pot by scoring, dabbing with water, and pressing against base.

step 12

To make a spout, place index finger inside lip of pot, place thumb and middle finger outside of pot, and gently press outward with thumb.

step 13

Finished coil pot.
Art Making

Plastic knife/fork
Paper-covered working surface