Relief Printmaking

Using a carving tool on a soft surface to create an image that can be reproduced multiple times by applying ink to the surface and printing that image on a piece of paper.

step 1

Trim edges off styrofoam to create flat printing plate.

step 2

Looking at a preplanned image, use a ballpoint pen to draw and create an impression of the image lines onto the styrofoam (be careful not to puncture it).

step 3

Using the washable markers, color within the lines of the design and around it as desired.

step 4

Prepare plate with water, sponge, and paper on which you will print.

step 5

Moisten the sponge with water and squeeze out excess liquid.

step 6

Dab the paper with the moist sponge enough to wet (but not soak) the paper. Create a moistened surface the same shape/size of your print plate.

step 7

Lay the paper on the print plate and sponge the paper to ensure contact is made between the moistened paper and the print.

Step 8

Carefully lift the paper off the print plate to see that enough of the color has been transferred. Make multiple prints if desired.

step 9

Lay paper print to dry.

Art Making

Styrofoam tray
Ballpoint pen
Washable markers
Platter of water