Simple Clay Container

An activity to make a small container with a base and lid, sculpted by hand and clay sculpting tools.

step 1

To begin, soften clay by throwing it onto a flat surface.

step 2

Roll clay on table and use hands to mold into a ball.

step 3

Use rope to cut clay in two pieces by pulling through the clay ball 1/3 from top. One piece should be smaller than the other.

step 4

Use wire sculpting tool to carve out interior clay on both sides of ball. Push tool through and move in a circular motion.

step 5

Pull out excess clay. Leave an even and equal amount of thickness on each piece as later they will join to be the bottom and top of a container..

step 6

Smooth edges of both pieces with finger.

step 7 - Optional

Create a decorative element for lid of container. Take excess clay and roll into a small ball. Score middle of top lid, and one side of ball.

step 8 - optional

Apply water with finger to scored clay and adhere ball to top of lid.

step 9 - optional

Place lid on top of base and make sure the size is the same. Smooth any edges and decorate with other tools as desired.

Art Making

Large fistful of clay
Wire sculpting tools
Container of water
Clay cutting rope/wire
Sculpting knives and fork
Paper-covered working surface