A Variety of Wire Sculpture Techniques

Creating three-dimensional artworks with wire.


step 1

Measure 24” of wire.

Step 2

Cut with wire cutters, placing wire low into wire cutter where blades are sharp.

Step 3

Fold wire in half.

Step 4

Make a 1 ½” loop in the middle of the wire and twist into a single strand 3”down the wire. This creates the “head” and “spine” of the figure.

Step 5

Fold the “head” and “spine” over the extra wire to measure the lengths of the “legs.”

Step 6

Curl any extra wire that extends beyond the “head” into a loop to use as “feet.”

Step 7

Stand figure up to pose body. Measure the height of the figure and
cut a piece of wire that height.

Step 8

Fold the second wire in half and wrap it twice around the upper “spine” of the wire figure.

Step 9

Reinforce the “arms” and “spine” connection by double wrapping or reinforcing with a thinner gauged wire.

Step 1

Hold one end of wire to the side of pencil and wrap around.

Step 2

Curl around pencil, spaced as desired, until wire runs out or at desired length.

Step 3

Slide wire off pencil and use coils for a variety of uses.


Step 1

Draw a line design on a piece of paper.

Step 2

Place wire at the beginning of drawing and begin to bend. Follow the design on the paper.

Step 3

When approaching sharp angles, use flat tipped pliers to bend the wire at a sharp angle.


This motorcycle, created in Africa, was made from attaching
recycled materials by using wire twisting and curling methods.
Art Making

A variety of gauges (thicknesses) of wire
A variety of pliers and wire cutters