A zoetrope is an optical device that consists of a drum with an open top, supported on a central axis. A series of pictures on strips of paper are placed around the inner bottom of the drum. There are slots cut at equal distances around the drum, just above where the picture strips are to be positioned. The drum is spun to create the illusion of motion. A viewer can look through the wall of the zoetrope and see images change rapidly. Soon

step 1

Make paper strips the length of the inside circumference of the zoetrope and no wider than the space between the bottom of the zoetrope and the slots. Divide each strip into 12 equal frames.

step 2

Draw a series 12 drawings of one image that change slightly in each frame. Think of simple shapes to draw.

step 3

A dot could move up or down with each frame. A line could rotate like the hands of a clock or wag back and forth like a dog’s tail. A smile on a face could turn into a frown.

step 4

Insert strip in zoetrope and gently spin
the drum.

step 5

Look into slots to view the illusion of motion.
Art Making

Paper strips with registration

Visit: http://www.groeg.de/puzzles/zoetrope.html
(Website to build your own zoetrope)