Conversations With Experts: Sharing Best Practice

Kitty Conde reveals some of her personal successes and challenges of being in the classroom daily working with K-8th students for the past 17 years as an art teacher at Ravenswood Elementary School. She shares some of her trade secrets and explains key elements of integrating the arts with core content.

Lois Hetland, professor of art education at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and research associate at Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education, introduced her research on studio thinking to teachers in Berwyn in January 2010. In the transcript of this presentation, she describes the elements of the Studio Thinking Framework – three "studio structures" and eight "Studio Habits of Mind," in ways meant to help teachers see the kinds of choices and decisions they make when they integrate arts so that they can revise and improve their practice over time.

Jackie Murphy is the founder of Arts at the Center of Teaching and Learning and creator of the Great Depression Arts Immersion, a workshop that models how the arts can crack open challenging content. Murphy describes the value of the arts immersion workshop and provides insight as to why this is an appropriate place to begin for teachers interested in integrating the arts into their content teaching.

Amy Mooney, Ph.D., is a professor of art history at Columbia College Chicago and a consultant for the Terra Foundation for American Art's Teacher Lab. Mooney emphasizes the importance of observation as a thinking behavior essential to learning in all content areas and lends her expertise in developing lessons around specific pieces of American Art.