Field Trips

Viewing art outside of the classroom in public venues such as art museums, galleries, and theaters provides students with a well-rounded arts education. Teachers can research the rich historical and cultural institutions found within their community and find ways to connect what they offer to their instruction. Many of these institutions provide workshops for students and teachers. Reach out to docents and other experts to enhance your experiences. Field trips and performances are a great way to welcome parents into their child's learning experience. Small grants may exist to support field trips to cultural institutions.

Expose students to different genres and styles of art by bringing in visiting artists and hosting presentations from cultural institutions. Viewing work outside of school strengthens audience skills and introduces students to careers in the arts. This interface between school and the "real world" can help foster an interconnection between the arts. Additionally, students have the opportunity to view original works of art, experience different environments, and participate in free-choice learning. Setting up partnerships with universities, school districts, professional arts organizations, and independent teaching artists creates a stronger learning community.


Getting Started